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On-Site Diagnostic Imaging

In-Office Open MRI

Our new AIRIS Premium Open MR Imaging system offers you the best of both worlds. AIRIS is open on all sides making it ideal for extremely large and claustrophobic patients. AIRIS features the strongest MR imaging magnet of its kind available, so you are also assured of high resolution images for greater diagnostic potential.

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In-Office Digital X-Rays

Our office is equipped with modern, digital x-ray facilities and staffed by licensed x-ray technicians. Before your x-rays are taken, please inform the technician if there is any chance you may be pregnant. Any x-rays taken at our office are a part of your medical record and the property of VOA Sports Medicine, Orthopedic & Spine Care. We can provide digital copies of your films.

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In-Office Nerve Conduction Studies

Your orthopaedist may recommend a nerve conduction study for various conditions that can result from pressure on a nerve, particularly in the arm, elbow or wrist. Our Valdosta clinic can perform in-house NCS to determint the extent of an injury or to determine the progression of a disease.

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